Become a Dealer – Starting a New Gutter Business

Gutter protection businesses are a smart way to own a profitable business with a predictable and proven revenue stream. Best of all, this business doesn’t require construction or home improvement expertise to operate a very profitable GutterShutter business. Your success with GutterShutter requires a smart business sense and the ability to follow our proven sales and installation system.

GS_B2B_Business-Investor_Site_ImgGutterShutter dealers have a low initial investment, especially compared to other business opportunities and franchises. There is a very fast return on investment, and once you have your equipment and supplies for your initial inventory, you don’t have to keep investing in the business. Your sales quickly generate cash flow, so you really only buy your inventory once.

What does that mean? We recommend starting a gutter protection business with inventory and supplies to cover the first homes you will service. The great thing about the gutter business is you get paid soon after you make the sale. So your current customer sales are now providing cash flow to purchase inventory for the next sale. You don’t have to stock a huge inventory and you don’t have to purchase a lot of supplies up front.

As a GutterShutter dealer, you can sell on Monday, install on Tuesday and deposit the check on Wednesday — there is a very short turnaround time from when the sale is made to when you get paid! Other home improvement businesses can take months before you are fully paid, which can lead to cash flow challenges, or the need for significant startup funding. Plus, since the profit margin is impressive when you follow our proven sales and installation system (we provide initial and ongoing training), new GutterShutter dealers often recoup their initial investment within the first year!

Contact us today to learn more about starting and running a GutterShutter dealer business. We know you’ll be impressed with our business model, and well-established systems that let you work on your business, without working in your business or climbing a ladder. Call today, 877-677-GUTTERS (4888).