Am I Right for GutterShutter?

“Am I right?” is a question we are frequently asked by prospective GutterShutter dealers.  The answer really depends more on the prospective GutterShutter business owner.  Over the years we have identified some traits that are common to owners of successful gutter businesses.

Note, it’s not terribly hard to own and operate a profitable gutter business.  However, we know that most business owners aren’t satisfied with simply being profitable.  Instead, they want to create a business that will employ more than their immediate family.

To us, a “successful” business is one that continues to grow and create opportunities both in the business and the community.  A successful business provides for more than the owner — it becomes a legacy and a brand that can last for generations, having a lasting impact that far exceeds the value of products and services sold and installed.

With that in mind, here are the traits of a successful gutter installation business owner:

  • Interested in building a business, not just having a job.
  • Willing to work hard, but also to hire skilled employees and let them fully use their skills.
  • Willing to invest (time or money) in ongoing training and development, and learn from others who have experienced success.
  • Interested in using the best possible processes for lead generation, the sales process and installation procedures.
  • An understanding of key business metrics like cost of customer acquisition, closing percentage, material and labor costs, profit margin, etc.
  • The desire to own a business that caters to homeowners.
  • The desire to own a business that increases value for customers.

If you share any of these traits, you may be right for a GutterShutter business.  Of course a website can’t fully answer that question, so we invite you to fill out the inquiry form below and let’s have a conversation about you, your business goals and GutterShutter dealer opportunities.  We look forward to hearing from you.