Dealer Support

Our staff of qualified professionals has expertise in sales, marketing, product installation and business management, and we are eager to share our experiences with you to help you grow and operate a successful gutter protection system business.

A Comprehensive Package

When you join the GutterShutter team as a Factory Authorized Dealer, you will receive a start-up package that includes:

  • Exclusive and Non-Exclusive territories.
  • Comprehensive sales and installation training in our unique sales program and our proven cost-effective installation approach.
  • Proprietary GutterShutter sales, and marketing tools showcasing GutterShutter products.
  • Marketing and operational materials, tools and formulas.
  • Quick reliable turn around times.
  • Customized support as needed for lead development, sales training and mentoring, operations, management, inventory control, hiring and other business ownership needs.

Product Development

We work closely with our dealers to stay in touch with what consumers in their market(s) want and we are constantly improving our existing products to meet those expectations.  We also operate retail divisions in three territories and we share best practices and new innovations in products, marketing and sales with our dealers each month.

Because we thoroughly test new products before making them available to our GutterShutter dealers, you can be confident that you will always offer your customers the most beautiful and highest quality products and accessories to meet their needs.

Training and Support

We believe in training! We will furnish you and your employees with all of the tips and techniques that have worked so well in our own stores. GutterShutter Dealerships are provided with all of the step-by-step procedures and strategies that you will need to operate your GutterShutter business successfully. We view our dealers as our partners.
Please call today for more information about GutterShutter territory availability,  (877) 677-4888 or (513) 671-3505.