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Are Gutters Important in Selling Your Home?

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It’s peak home selling and buying season, which means most homeowners who plan to sell are completing renovations and repairs to get their home in the best shape for a great offer. In a good housing market when making renovations, most people aim to make a profit, or at least a return on their investment.

Real estate agents and sellers know the typical renovations to make – flooring, painting, updated hardware – but what about your gutters? Are they something you need to be concerned about when selling your home?

If your gutters are damaged, you’ll absolutely need to have them replaced. April is the month of rain showers, and broken or cracked gutters won’t go unnoticed. You’ll also want to evaluate the color – do your gutters match the rest of your home, or do they stick out and draw attention? Are they faded or dirty? It’s the small details that buyers will be paying attention to, considering how much time and money they’ll be putting into a home after the sale.

The GutterShutter system is proven to be a big selling point for potential buyers. The thought of having no maintenance, less time climbing up a ladder and more time to enjoy their new home is a huge perk for anyone! Plus, the warranty on the GutterShutter system is transferrable, and new owners will receive the same benefits as previous owners, at no cost. Should the system ever clog or pull away from the home (we guarantee it won’t), GutterShutter will fix it!

If you’re selling your home this year and need to replace your gutters and add even more reasons for potential buyers to make an offer, give us a call at (877) 617-4888 now for a free quote, or use our handy online locator to find a Gutter Shutter dealer near you!

April Showers: Big Problems

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April showers might bring May flowers, but they can also bring some less than desirable things for homeowners!

Foundation Problems

Excessive rain can cause foundation problems due to water buildup. This is typically a result of misdirected roof runoff and clogged gutter downspouts, and can have costly results for homeowners. Be sure and keep an eye on your floor boards and walls, as crumbling and cracks are a tell-tale sign of a problem. Read More

The Gift That Keeps on Giving to Your Home

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During the holidays we often think about gifts for others.  It’s the season of giving, and while considering your holiday shopping list, it’s also a good time to think about what you “give” your home.

Gifts for homeownersYour house is likely your biggest investment, and for most homeowners it’s a never-ending source of maintenance chores and to-dos, to both protect the investment, and make sure systems are performing at their best.  One of the best things you can do this time of year is give your home (and yourself) the gift of better gutters. Read More

GutterShutter Honored

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GutterShutter Named 2016 Torch Award Honoree by BBB Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Better Business Bureau (BBB) has named GutterShutter as one of it’s 2016 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics honorees.  The award is a significant recognition for GutterShutter and reflects our commitment to business ethics.

We are proud to receive this award and our A+ rating from the BBB.

GutterShutter President Mark Steinberg (third from right) pictured with other 2016 Honorees of the BBB Cincinnati Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

GutterShutter President Mark Steinberg (third from right) pictured with other 2016 Honorees of the BBB Cincinnati Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

GutterShutter is BBB Torch Award Finalist

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The GutterShutter Company has been selected as a finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s 2016 Torch Award.  The award recognizes marketplace ethics and is the BBB’s way of, “Celebrating businesses and charities that go above and beyond to exemplify ethical behavior and create a trusted marketplace.”

As explained by the BBB:

Ethical behavior should be expected from every person, business, and nonprofit. Sadly, we don’t yet live in this kind of world. That’s why we celebrate and honor those businesses and charities that go above and beyond to exemplify ethical behavior. The Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics does just that: we point to Torch Award Recipients as prime examples of what it means to live in an ethics-centered community.

We are honored to be considered as a finalist for this outstanding business award.  Here’s a short video of Jocile Ehrlich, BBB’s President and CEO, announcing the GutterShutter Company as a 2016 Torch Award Finalist:

Welcome Blue Ox Exteriors

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GutterShutter is pleased to welcome our newest Factory Authorized Dealer, Blue Ox Exteriors in Denver, Colorado.  Owner Kevin Zaun and his team have a great reputation in the greater Denver area and are a welcome addition to the GutterShutter Dealer family.

If you are in the Denver market and need a quality gutter and gutter protection system, contact Blue Ox Exteriors today, (303) 519-5896.

The Difference Between Gutter Systems

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The Difference Between Great Gutters and Good Gutter Systems

Spring is the rainy season, and that means it’s a perfect opportunity for homeowners to finally solve water issues and aging gutter problems.  April and May are also good times for businesses in the gutter industry, because the issues are apparent and homeowners need a great solution.  Every time it rains they are reminded they need new gutters, or to have their gutters cleaned. Read More

New GutterShutter Dealer

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We are pleased to welcome the newest GutterShutter Factory Authorized Dealer: The GutterShutter of North East Ohio based in Parma Heights, Ohio.  Owner AJ Jaffary operates Solar Supply Center, Inc. and the GutterShutter system is a great addition to his existing business line of solar panels, roofing, siding, replacement windows and doors.

Congratulations AJ on joining the GutterShutter family!  You can reach The GutterShutter of North East Ohio at 440-218-7070 or online at

Gutter System Quality

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There Really is a Difference in
Gutter System Quality

Our salespeople love meeting with homeowners who have already looked at other gutter protection systems.  Why?  Because as soon as the prospective customer sees and touches the GutterShutter system, the quality difference is obvious.

[pullquote align=center]

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”
— William A. Foster

[/pullquote] Read More

GutterShutter installer on ladder

What to Look For in a Quality Gutter System

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GutterShutter’s award-winning leaf and debris system typically takes only one day to install and lasts a lifetime.

When starting a home improvement business, it is crucial to select a product line that will deliver on its promise of quality over time. Selling a premium product means less time spent dealing with repairs or warranty issues, and more time to grow your business. Additionally, homeowners know they made the best decision up front. A premium product will help your customers feel confident in choosing to work with you, as well as help them keep you in mind as a recommendation to friends and family.
Read More