Expand Your Business This Coming Year

GutterShutter installer on ladder

The year is almost over, and new opportunities are just around the corner. This is an exciting time for a business owner! Regardless of how your 2017 went (we’re guessing some highs, some lows) there’s an excitement that comes with a new year. Make 2018 one full of positive changes in your business.

As you look over your profits from 2017, you’ll hopefully see that your business was profitable. That’s always the goal, right? It if wasn’t, ask yourself if there’s a way you can expand your services and increase profits this coming year. If it was profitable, ask yourself the same question. What’s one thing you can add? A value-added service. Add a service that generates more profits, and gives you the opportunity to stand out in your field.

If you currently work in a field that caters to homeowners, one easy step you can take is to add Gutters/Gutter Protection to your repertoire. Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to make maintenance easier, and you can be the hero that gives them a reason to avoid cleaning those gutters yet again.

Here are just a few benefits (to you AND the consumer) of becoming a Factory Authorized GutterShutter Dealer:

One Day Install: You’ll send 2 employees out to get this product completely installed within a day. The homeowner doesn’t have to deal with long term annoyances on their property, and you don’t lose workers to tedious tasks. Our process is tested, and we provide you with training and the best practices for getting the job done quickly, safely and with quality.  

Added Value For Homeowners, Exposure For Business Owners: With it’s crown molding effect, the GutterShutter system adds beauty and functionality to homes, increasing value and curb appeal. A win for the homeowner. When the neighbors see our product in their neighborhood, they’ll start asking questions and that’s a win for you, the business owner.

Eliminate Damage: Improperly functioning gutters often cause water damage to the foundation and walls of homes. The GutterShutter System is solves this problem, while eliminating maintenance needs.

Roofers, home improvement companies, and more, whether you’re running a large operation, or a small business, adding Gutter Shutter installation to your list of services can make a big difference in 2018. You’ll find all the information you need right here. You can get started NOW!