Leave The Ladder In The Garage This Fall

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Imagine not needing to get the ladder out, and spend a Saturday cleaning leaves and other debris from your gutter this fall. Then, imagine using that time to relax with friends and family instead. With our system you can do all that! Our flow reducer hood allows water into the gutter system, to then be drained properly while keeping leaves out. No cleaning, and no ladder, necessary ever again!

The premium grade aluminum isn’t only aesthetically pleasing, with its crown moulding effect, it is designed to withstand heavy rains for decades to come. Our 3 point mounting brackets attach the gutter in such a way that you won’t have to worry about it pulling away from your home over time. It’s an investment that reaps big rewards over the life of your house, or when it’s time to sell.

Our job is to take the thought out of gutter maintenance for you- and we’re good at what we do! So, put that ladder away, make those weekend plans, and give us a call at 877-667-4888 for a free consultation.


There’s Still Time

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At the beginning of 2017 we encouraged our readers to make this the year they finally made the leap toward becoming a business owner. Now, halfway through 2017, we’re asking, “how that’s going?”

Have you taken steps toward your dream of owning your own company?  Have you contacted GutterShutter to learn about our Factory Authorized GutterShutter Dealer program?

As a reminder, here are a few reasons to consider becoming a GutterShutter dealer as you start your new business (keep in mind that we provide full training, from sales, to the proper installation):

  • Low startup costs
  • Full training in lead development, sales and installation
  • Manufacturers warranty
  • Experienced sales and installation support
  • Patented award-winning product and design
  • Ongoing marketing and product support
  • No franchise fees!
  • You control your future
  • Access to a network of successful dealers

If your New Year’s resolution six months ago included “start a business,” there’s still time.  Contact us today to find out how you can have a successful business providing a high quality product and addressing a need homeowners have in your community.  You can do it!  Call now, 877-667-4888.

GutterShutter installer on ladder

Put An End To Recurring Gutter Issues

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Nearly every area of the country experienced quite a bit of rain this Spring. While rain can put a damper on the day, especially for a business like ours whose employees spend a majority of their day outdoors, it can also be useful for finding out how effectively your gutters are working.

After the next big rain event at your home or business, take a moment to look inside your gutter. There should not be any standing water. If you find there IS, it’s a good time to figure out what is not working with your gutters in order to prevent costly damage down the road. If water is not draining properly, this can cause backups and eventually roof damage.

Sometimes standing water may be a result of a clogged gutter or downspout, and might be a simple fix. The reality is, this issue will likely be recurring, as leaves and debris are a constant problem. This is why we believe so strongly in our product- a product designed to prevent issues like this from the start! Our system (http://www.guttershutter.com/systems/) will help any home or business owner keep their gutter clog free, and draining properly.

If you’d like to save yourself work in the longterm, give GutterShutter a call today for a free estimate! Our experts will install the best possible system for your home or business. And if you haven’t yet, take a moment and check out this video of our process.

Consumers’ Choice for the Third Time!

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Cons-Choice_2014-2015-2016_logoWe’re so pleased to have been named the Consumers’ Choice award winner for the third year in a row.  This honor is determined by our customers and others in the greater Cincinnati area, and is a testimony to the quality of the GutterShutter system.  Thanks to all who voted for GutterShutter — we couldn’t be prouder of our team and our products!

Three Time Award Winner

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We’re so pleased to have been named the Consumers’ Choice award winner for the third year in a row.  This honor is determined by our customers and others in the greater Cincinnati area, and is a testimony to the quality of the GutterShutter system.

If you’re considering starting a gutter business, or adding a gutter line to your existing home improvement business, this award is important (it’s important for homeowners, too, of course). It shows that our product is a leader among consumers, who know a good product and value when they find it.  And in a time when consumers research their product options more than ever, being a Factory Authorized GutterShutter Dealer lets you stand out from the crowd.

GutterShutter dealers don’t just sell replacement gutters – they sell and install a quality leaf and debris gutter system, that means homeowners don’t have to clean their gutters again.  It looks great, mounts securely and adds value and curb appeal to the home.  If you want to represent the best gutter system on the market, now is the time to consider becoming and award-winning GutterShutter dealer!

Call today to find out if dealership opportunities are available in your market: 877-677-4888, and ask for John Cross.

Keep Your Gutters Clear of Debris This Spring

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Did you know your gutters can clog with just a few leaves? This is why it’s so important to stay on top of maintenance, and be proactive about gutter cleaning. This is a problem that will inevitably get worse over time without proper action steps.

One preventative step home-owners can take is to cover their gutters. When you utilize the Gutter Shutter system, this comes with the deal! Our system drains the water while keeping the leaves and debris out. This simple step of covering your gutters can keep them free of clogs, and greatly decrease cleaning and maintenance time.

Aside from a cover, simply keeping your gutters clean is essential. Periodically check them, clear them, and run water through to be sure they are functioning properly. As usual, we’re here to help. Find a dealer near you or call toll-free, 866-677-GUTTERS (4888) for a free, no-obligation estimate and find out for yourself why so many homeowners choose GutterShutter for their home!

It’s Time For A Spring Gutter Audit

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With the arrival of Spring, it’s a great time to perform a gutter audit. There are any number of things that can cause drainage issues, and it’s important to catch them early.

Are your gutters clogged? Take time to clear them, top to bottom, and run water through them to be sure they’re not blocked. A lot of debris could have built up throughout the Winter, and Spring will likely bring even more.

As you run water through to test for gutter blockages, it’s also a good time to check for leaks. As water runs through the gutter, check all sides to be sure there are no leaks. Now is the time to find and solve a problem like that before it’s too late. Pay particular attention to any water that is getting behind your gutter and against the fascia.

Are your downspouts pointing correctly, and directing water away from your home? Improper placement can result in basement leaks and/or siding damage. Don’t forget, these can get clogged too, and cause problems if water is allowed to pool near your foundation.

Lastly, take note of the types of trees you (and your close neighbors) have, and remember to keep an eye on them as they shed items onto your roof. Certain trees can be a nuisance, and are worth keeping an eye on!

As usual, any of our estimators is available to come out and perform a free evaluation of your current gutter system. They’ll make qualified recommendations, and get you on your way to the best possible draining system for your home!

Plus, you’ll never need to do a gutter audit or climb a dangerous ladder to clear debris ever again with the GutterShutter system!

Call today, 877-677-4888 to find the nearest Factory Authorized GutterShutter Dealer.

Our Installation Process

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We sometimes get asked about the installation process, and the super strong GutterShutter system.  This short video is an overview of a typical GutterShutter installation. Note our exclusive “GutterStud” brackets, installed with two three-inch screws every 24 inches.

To learn more about the GutteShutter system, or to schedule a free home visit, contact your nearest Factory Authorized Dealer.

April Showers: Big Problems

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April showers might bring May flowers, but they can also bring some less than desirable things for homeowners!

Foundation Problems

Excessive rain can cause foundation problems due to water buildup. This is typically a result of misdirected roof runoff and clogged gutter downspouts, and can have costly results for homeowners. Be sure and keep an eye on your floor boards and walls, as crumbling and cracks are a tell-tale sign of a problem. Read More

Don’t Let Fear Get In The Way

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One common reason “would-be” business owners give for not diving in and starting the business they’ve always dreamed of, is fear.  The fear that the process may be too daunting, and the fear of not bringing in consistent revenue. 

We don’t want you to let fear keep you from what could be an amazing future. If you’ve got the desire to learn, and to work hard, we’ve got the tools to help you succeed! 

Gutter protection businesses are a smart way to own a profitable business with a predictable and proven revenue stream. When you become a Certified Factory Authorized Dealer with Gutter Shutter, you receive full training AND a fast return on investment. The turnaround time from your decision to join us, to your first customer can be surprisingly fast!

If you’re interested in taking the next step in learning more about becoming a GutterShutter Dealer, feel free to call 1-877-677-4888 and request our Dealership Information Package. We’ll answer all your questions, and make sure you’re on the right track.