Foundation Repair Companies Increase Profits with the GutterShutter System

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Watch your profits soar by adding the GutterShutter system to your foundation business’ products and services.

Water and foundation damage go hand-in-hand, and most foundation repairs are caused by too much water around a home’s foundation. Foundation repair companies have a unique opportunity to up-sell their customers to a worry-free gutter system that will effectively carry water away from the foundation. Best of all, the homeowner will NEVER need to clean their gutters again!

Foundation repair companies who are also GutterShutter Factory Authorized Dealers realize increase profits simply by having an additional product they can provide homeowners who are experiencing foundation issues.

By offering the GutterShutter system, salespeople are able to sell the GutterShutter system as a preventative measure, even when the home doesn’t need a full foundation repair.

And for homes with significant foundation or crawlspace issues, including a new, reliable, clog-free gutter system is a natural part of the solution, leading to increased revenue and higher profit, without additional lead, sales and other customer acquisition costs.

Low Cost of Entry, Fast ROI and Profitability

The made-in-America GutterShutter system is NOT a franchise. We have Factory Authorized Dealer opportunities in select US markets with a minimal investment in equipment and materials. Once you are a dealer, YOU keep the profits and operate your business the way you want to.

You simply purchase the GutterShutter system parts and pieces from us, and with fast nationwide delivery from our Ohio manufacturing plant, you don’t need to have lots of cash tied up in inventory.

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Homeowners with foundation damage understand the need to get water away from their house and are looking for a good solution.