Are Gutters Important in Selling Your Home?

It’s peak home selling and buying season, which means most homeowners who plan to sell are completing renovations and repairs to get their home in the best shape for a great offer. In a good housing market when making renovations, most people aim to make a profit, or at least a return on their investment.

Real estate agents and sellers know the typical renovations to make – flooring, painting, updated hardware – but what about your gutters? Are they something you need to be concerned about when selling your home?

If your gutters are damaged, you’ll absolutely need to have them replaced. April is the month of rain showers, and broken or cracked gutters won’t go unnoticed. You’ll also want to evaluate the color – do your gutters match the rest of your home, or do they stick out and draw attention? Are they faded or dirty? It’s the small details that buyers will be paying attention to, considering how much time and money they’ll be putting into a home after the sale.

The GutterShutter system is proven to be a big selling point for potential buyers. The thought of having no maintenance, less time climbing up a ladder and more time to enjoy their new home is a huge perk for anyone! Plus, the warranty on the GutterShutter system is transferrable, and new owners will receive the same benefits as previous owners, at no cost. Should the system ever clog or pull away from the home (we guarantee it won’t), GutterShutter will fix it!

If you’re selling your home this year and need to replace your gutters and add even more reasons for potential buyers to make an offer, give us a call at (877) 617-4888 now for a free quote, or use our handy online locator to find a Gutter Shutter dealer near you!