GutterShutter Dealers Stay Busy, Year-Round

GutterShutter installer on ladder

Most companies see the natural ebb and flow of business as the weather changes, causing slower seasons with smaller revenue. For an independent, small business owner, this can be extremely stressful and lead to working extra hours to make up for off-season loss.

Seasonal business fluctuations are also one of the biggest reasons that entrepreneurs choose to become a GutterShutter dealer. GutterShutter dealers stay busy, year-round!

In the winter, homeowners dread heavy snow and ice-damming, which can cause damage to roofing and potentially lead to future problems. In the spring, heavy rain, thunderstorms and pollen mean that gutters need to be cleaned and ready to handle large amounts of water. Summer might seem like a calm season for gutter problems, but gutters become great homes for birds, bees and other pests, and will need to be checked to avoid them. And of course, fall is the worst season for gutters – the passing of hurricane season combined with temperature changes and falling leaves causes gutters to become clogged, quickly.

Gutters never take a break, and homeowners are always looking for simple solutions to make life easier when it comes to home upkeep. As a Gutter Shutter dealer, you’ll never have to worry about slow seasons, and selling our system can be as busy as you’d like it to be. This is why many of our dealers are new startups and investor-owners who get a quick return on their investment.

Whether you are creating a startup business, or adding a gutter line to your existing remodeling and replacement business, we know you’ll find the GutterShutter business model is very impressive.

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