Now Is the Time To Become a GutterShutter Dealer.

Retailers and businesses know that fall is one of the busiest seasons for sales. As school begins and homeowners become busy with drop-offs and pickups, after-school activities and weekend events, they have less time to spend at home and more money to spend (especially as the holiday season rolls in). For the savvy salesperson, September and October are the perfect months to start preparing.

You may be wondering: is Fall busy for gutters? The answer is yes! The hustle of Fall also means that homeowners have less time to spend on routine maintenance tasks, like cleaning their gutters. This means that as the leaves start to change and begin falling off of trees, they are falling right into the gutters of homes around your state, potentially causing damage if gone unnoticed. This is a big problem for homeowners, but a big opportunity for someone who is finally ready to start their own business and work for themselves.

Thankfully, GutterShutter offers a comprehensive startup package that covers everything you need to know about becoming a GutterShutter dealer. Dealers and their employees also receive thorough training and support to be set up for success from the start. Even the most experienced businessman will benefit from our training, which is why taking the time before the busy season starts to learn all of the tips and techniques of the trade will benefit you. By the time homeowners are noticing water leaking from their clogged gutters and are looking for a stress-free solution, you’ll be ready to take their calls!

If you’re interested in taking the next step in learning more about becoming a GutterShutter Dealer, give us a call 1-877-677-4888 and request our Dealership Information Package. We’ll answer all your questions, and make sure you’re on the right track.