Military Veterans Make Great GutterShutter Business Owners

If you are retired or retiring from active duty, your future is full of opportunity.  There are thousands of business dealers and franchise opportunities to choose from, but only a few that can let you quickly recoup your return on investment and start experiencing profits.  Becoming a GutterShutter factory authorized dealer is a smart option for military veterans because you don’t need home improvement or construction experience to enjoy success. That’s because every GutterShutter dealer goes through factory training to learn how to develop leads, generate sales, coordinate production and installation and operate a business. GS_B2B_Legacy_AfricanAm_Site_Img

We teach veterans how to apply our processes and systems so they can work on the business, instead of in the business. Our dealer owners operate their businesses and don’t spend time climbing ladders and handling installations. This lets them develop a business that can last for generations and most dealers recoup their initial investment in equipment and inventory within the first year!

Because there are no franchise fees and the cost of entry is low, GutterShutter is a great business for military veterans and we have new dealer opportunities opening in key markets near military bases.  Contact us today to learn more about becoming a GutterShutter dealer and to find out what markets are available.  Call today, 877-677-GUTTERS (4888).